Introducing a Whole New Foundations Learning Path: Data Science
Posted by Ricky Cadden
August 2 2020
Blog Post
Data Science is already a hot job focus, and Data Scientists are in hot demand across every single industry. Companies have smartly invested in tracking and storing every piece of data they can, but they need someone to help make sense of it all. So how do you break into this in-demand job market?

Today, we’re adding a whole new Data Science learning path to our popular Foundation subscription, with nearly 50 courses focused on the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, as well as tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and even Microsoft Excel 2019.

As always, these new courses are available at no extra charge for our Foundation subscribers – part of our promise that your subscription will always include the most current, up-to-date knowledge and tech skills available.

Once you’ve completed these new Foundation-level Data Science courses, you can add our Data Academy to your subscription to get unlimited access to over 1,190 advanced and expert-level workshops, courses, hands-on exercises, and instructor-led demonstrations.